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July 13, 2011

Think parenting blogs are a good idea? Good. But remember, “everyone has their own way”. Well, at first glance I’m agreeing with “Daddy’s Timeout”.

 DaddysTimeout on wordpress

Amemoir on parenting, frequently punctuated by movie reviews”.


DaddysTimeout on
“Horrible Bosses”
There’s an inversion of the American dream that happens more often than we’d like. We’re supposed to be able to work hard and, as our reward, we’re supposed to live in increasing comfort as we steadily climb the corporate ladder ‘Horrible Bosses’ provides a catharsis it’s oddly raunchy for a movie about killing your boss Now, the script doesn’t qualify as smart, per se. But it does reward the audience for their suspension of disbelief with a good dose of fun However, what really redeemed this movie for me is the cast (of Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day)

His recent posts:
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Julio Ibanez’s recent review (see column) of the film “Horrible Bosses” caught my eye and mind.

Ok, so the reviews  introduce his taste buds.  But I became more interested in his parenting posts.  I am not a parent, but somehow they brought back a bit of nostalgia for me.  I either started to recall, remember or day dream about certain aspects of childhood.  E.g. his posting entitled “On having a daughter… one year later” reminded me of one of my roles in life (a never-ending one at that: I started a daughter and will always be one) and how that kind of thing impacts a daughter’s relationship with her mother. 

It made me recall how a husband and wife only make a superb pairing if they are at least equal of each other.  That means that my father has still got much to learn about caring for my mother.  I’m sure love has yet to occur with them—btw, they’ve been married almost 40 years and have four children and six grandchildren between them.  It’s as if my parent’s love bond (forget the marital bond, that’s already been worked on) has had to be put on hold. 

I’m hoping that the less I start to need my father and mother as father and mother, the more TRUE independence I will be coming into as a person, an adult.  A true young woman of the world.  Thus, my father can then re-direct that love (that I’m using up) into a husband’s love for his wife.  Yes, a daughter does need all that… and more.  I would agree we are difficult to raise.  For sure we’re all princesses inside… no joke.  Dear Father, I hope you stumble upon this someday in the not too distant future.

Back to “Daddy’s Tiimeout” blog—Because of Ivan Ibanez’s showcase of his preferences and mentality, I’m more willing to sit and peruse his ideas, thoughts and perspectives on parenting.  We all know how polluted it is out there: different cultures, races, socio-economic groups, demographics, situations in life, the ups and downs… argh!  Can’t even pick the right parenting blog…

So thus: I’m sometimes reading for nostalgia and thought-processing of my own childhood—now I’m wondering whether I should call it a girlhood.  What say someone like Mr Ibanez?  A girlhood vs boyhood vs childhood?

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