It’s not too late… give your dream a shot!  Here are some great examples of older inventors.  Mind you, young, tech-savvy multi-billionaires really are a current era invention, so I’ve no problems nodding towards the older generation for inspiration and mentorship.  However, things had to progress and young industries had to be taken forwards and that’s where the younger generations stepped in and kept things apace.  It’s encouraging both ways: notable and lasting accomplishments by the young and refreshing ideas from the old.  Read the above blog post to see what’s been invented by the middle age and beyond.

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

We hear a lot about inventors in the technology area who have had phenomenal success at a very young age.  But that doesn’t mean inventors with more mileage under their belts can’t be ultra successful as well.  Some of the most revolutionary or popular products were the work of people who were at least 40 years old.

You have a cell phone, right?  Martin Cooper invented it when he was around 45.

What about TV movies and shows?  Do you “TiVo” them to watch later?   Thank Mike Ramsay who, along with Jim Barton, co-invented this digital video recorder when he was 47.

Are you a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Colonel Harland Sanders pioneered this “finger lickin’ good” favorite when he was in his 60s.

Do you make sandwiches with Pepperidge Farm bread?  Margaret Rudkin began baking it when she was 40.

Here are a few other items whose creators were 40 or older:

Segway Personal Transporter – Inventor Dean Kamen was around 50…

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