What to do if asking for yourself is too much for you?  That, in essence, is what networking is: it is between the two people present at the event.  The questions being answered are: what can you do for me, and what can you give me?  Whereas there is another option which has been going on for years without a label or a name: netweaving.  Netweaving is where you introduce two others because there is benefit to be had with that new relationship… and then you never know what might blossom and land on you too.  In effect, it’s working on the pay it forward effect i.e. what goes around, comes around.  Of course then, there is the usual things to be careful of, that is users, takers and people who forget who brought them to the party.  But, having said that, there are a lot of people who would benefit from netweaving instead of the immediacy of networking.  Treat it like a future investment…

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

By Lynne Strang, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

If you’re someone who doesn’t like schmoozing at cocktail parties to make business contacts, listen up. Bob Littell has a method for meeting other professionals that may suit your style.

Twelve years ago, Littell, principal of Atlanta, Georgia-based Littell Consulting Services, Inc., came up with a concept he calls “NetWeaving.”  It’s a “Golden Rule,” or “Pay It Forward,” form of networking, where people focus on putting others’ needs first.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Here’s how it works:  You have two contacts who you think would benefit from meeting each other.  Through a virtual or some other type of introduction, you help them exchange bios and arrange to meet in person.  When the two parties get together, synergy occurs and a new partnership forms, or they find other ways to help each other.  They follow up with you later, to let you know the outcome of the meeting.


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