Why not start your own business?  What’s stopping you?  Is your dream big enough to fuel you and provide for you?  Well, it appears that the myth of security within corporate jobs combined with the lull of the mundane within that coporate structure puts you to sleep so you don’t awaken to the sound of your own drums.  So why aren’t your own drums beating that much louder so that you may awaken and start marching to your own beat instead of someone else’s?  It appears it takes quite a bit of reality to push people to the edge and face setting up their own business as a true venture, even advenuture.  Think about it.  At what point have you accumulated enough, experienced enough and satisfied yourself enough that starting up a new enterprise is the better option for you to live your life?  Be aware, that with each passing day you let your daydream pass you by is another day you don’t live your life as you please… in the parting words of Mike’s blog post:

“Otherwise, your passion will be nothing more than a fantasy that you daydream about that mocks you on moments you are honest with yourself.

Don’t waste your life.”

Micro Business Solutions

In my prior post about May 24, I discussed how I came to start my business.

IT TOOK ME GETTING FIRED!!  Then, it took subsequent insulting job offers that made me so mad I was no longer afraid.  Finally, I was going to show them, now.

But why did it take me so long to get there?  I had wanted my own business since I was 17.  Now, I was 33.  That was 16 years.  Why?  Why had I spent almost half my life waiting?  Why did I have to be shoved off the cliff to take control of my own life?

The answer is twofold: 1. The Myth of Security and 2. The Lull of the Mundane.  I will cover these two in this post.

1.  The Myth of Security.  We are fed the line that we should go to school, do well in school, get a good…

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