How do you evaluate yourself when you are the boss, the leader, the manager and the hourly worker?  With great honesty it seems.  If you set up your small business to shirk dealing with a boss, then you’re in for a nasty wake-up call… because, now that boss is you and you’ll come to understand some of the temprament, mind-set and ‘down-sides’ your ex-boss may have showered upon you.  Being honest with yourself is difficult at the best of times, but this blog post helps put your first foot in the right direction of self-evaluation when you are the boss yourself.

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Do you remember your corporate days when you got evaluations?  Maybe, for some of you, it has not been that long.  For others of us, it has been years.  Did any of you give evaluations to subordinates?

In case you did not notice, there were usually differences between the evaluations of lower-level employees and supervisors and those of upper management.

Hourly employees and supervisors were typically evaluated in a  task-oriented manner.  How well did they do the jobs assigned to them?  Did they do it the company way?  Were they on time?  Did they get along with other employees?  Did they have a good attitude?  Were they cooperative with management?  Their reviews had to do with how they got the job done.

Those in upper positions were typically reviewed differently.  They were judged based on something called “objectives.”  Objectives are a different word for goals–goals assigned by the company.  Typically…

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