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Pic 1: A real winning combo with the choice of translucent frames and sheer, minimalistic nude dress.  The black accent on the collar adds a stronger, dramatic side to avoid too much fro-fro with the soft nude fabric and as a special bonus echoes the black of the sunglasses and she has also chosen to emphasise this black accent further by wearing a black underwear – great choice.

Pic 2: So retro, but with the contemporary sunglasses and new, stronger, higher-quality fabric of the flat cap, it most certainly has up-to-date modern refinements.  Otherwise, such a detailed and fittingly knowledgeable take on such a vintage look could make a person look quite poor.  The subtlety and qualities have to be just right.  The waistcoat is also a finer, thinner fabric and the shirt shows underlying yet not frivolous detailing to suggest, correctly, higher sartorial knowledge than one might expect at first glance.

Pic 3: The lady has been shopping about town in New York, and what a tiring task it is too.  But she shows such prestige in her actions – she dresses down but not without thought and deliberation and she makes the most of what essentially is a whole load of flimsy, creased, plain fabric with buttons.  She turns it into something to enjoy wearing.

Pic 4: I have *always* been waiting for shorts like this to come along.  Shorts for people who need space for bottoms to come and go as they please.  Nice posturing to show off her chosen style combo – what a handbag.  Would you believe this was snapped on Prince Street?  Very fitting.

Pic 5: He has animal print for a handkerchief!  Woo-hoo… that really is very unique to be able to pull that off and still look ready for business in a sincere and serious manner.  I have heard the way a man chooses to knot his tie can be very telling… and I suppose it is.  Plus shades… erm, let’s sum this up:

  • animal print handkerchief,
  • sunglasses,
  • very pointy collar,
  • all one colour of blue, and
  • a tie knotted imperfectly for him.

Yes, requires impeccable, implicit and necessary higher-level sartorial knowledge to continue to have business associates and dealings.


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