A literally chatty blogista with flair for fashion and a love of visual feats: Garance Dore’s blog

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I found Garance Dore’s blog via The Sartorialist.  She’s a fashion illustrator turned fashion blogger and photographer.  A very favourable turn too.

As a start, I stumbled upon her photographs of Alexander McQueen’s exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, entitled “Savage Beauty”.

The curation was perfect, from the layout to the sound design – it allows you to take a mind-blowing journey into the designer’s imagination. Emotion catches you and stays with you for days.

I was so moved that I asked for authorization to go back and take pictures…

To be honest, it takes a very high-grade photographer with substantial wits to be able to first, consider capturing such works on film; second, consider to seek permission with authority such as the Met; third, action all of this and fourth, gain such incredible results.  It is a worthy blog bundle.

Her postings to have caught me are:

  • Illustrations–
    • “Your Best Worst Advice – Beauty”
    • “Your Best Worst Advice – Love”
    • “Garance Forgets Everything and Talks About Nothing”
  • Portraits–
  • Dressing —
    • Real Leather” <—her thoughts on city bags and she’s re-considered seven types of bags that city people should use or have been seen using most often
    • “Hot Pants” <—omg, how do we do these nowadays?  And so she gives us an illustration and a true life example in “Sweet Little Angel
  • Collages–
    have a gander, the overall resultant natural feeling of ‘togetherness’ of such a jumble of visuals and writing speaks volumes of her ability to combine things to a superb effect of discreet styling with purpose.

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