11th August: my fast choice of close-ups from TheSartorialist.com

Sartorialist-Aug11-1Sartorialist-Aug11-2Sartorialist-Aug11-3Sartorialist-Aug11-4Sartorialist-Aug11-5Sartorialist-Aug11-6Sartorialist-Aug11-7 The Internet accidentally swiped me onto TheSartorialist.com today and there I was, bathing in a few cuts and slices of walking fashion out there.  In particular, these cuts are from Florence and the last one, in black and white, is from Paris.

Pic 1: The detail and accuracy of the blonde in the blue shirt was astounding.  Even from that one slice you can see his style – crazy but true, he has clashed together a very contemporary city-style for the summer, of glasses, bow-tie, shorts and shoes without socks.

Pic 2&3: same guy, but he had so much going on detail-wise that one shot wasn’t enough.  He had truly created a unique look for himself.  The shoes – omg, who can carry them and fit in? – are a bit of a winner, to tell you the truth.  And one of the most dreaded pitfalls of a working city fella?  A rucksack with a tailored jacket… but he’s done it.

Pic 4: I should have covered another close-up of him here, he actually had blue and red boaters on his bare feet, but I decided on his hands.  True hands that have truly met and excelled at crafts or technology over a long period of time.  Good dexterity and eye-hand co-ordination going on here.  Very concise handiwork.

Pic 5: This is the sort of gal that does *not* refuse a good heel or wedge, come what may.  Socks and tights are the answer to pain and fatigue.  And she has done it with aplomb here – hats off and well done.

Pick 6&7: Another chunky type of look, but this time the detail is in the heart.  He actions his details.  You can’t really pinpoint it in his overall look and manner, it really is in what he does.  It is what is ultimately his style that is taking off: the way he puts his hand in his trouser pocket  while carefully folding back the lapel of his jacket, the way he chooses to handle his wallet and money.  Despite what might appear to be quite restricting and even unflappable clothing, he still comes through with succinct movement and ability to show flap-ability of concern.  That is, many might associate herring bone and checks with precision to the point of inhumanity, but not here.


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