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August 11, 2011

A literally chatty blogista with flair for fashion and a love of visual feats: Garance Dore’s blog 
in English

Garance Dore-1Garance Dore-2
Garance Dore-3Garance Dore-4Garance Dore-5

I found Garance Dore’s blog via The Sartorialist.  She’s a fashion illustrator turned fashion blogger and photographer.  A very favourable turn too.

As a start, I stumbled upon her photographs of Alexander McQueen’s exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, entitled “Savage Beauty”.

The curation was perfect, from the layout to the sound design – it allows you to take a mind-blowing journey into the designer’s imagination. Emotion catches you and stays with you for days.

I was so moved that I asked for authorization to go back and take pictures…

To be honest, it takes a very high-grade photographer with substantial wits to be able to first, consider capturing such works on film; second, consider to seek permission with authority such as the Met; third, action all of this and fourth, gain such incredible results.  It is a worthy blog bundle.

Her postings to have caught me are:

  • Illustrations–
    • “Your Best Worst Advice – Beauty”
    • “Your Best Worst Advice – Love”
    • “Garance Forgets Everything and Talks About Nothing”
  • Portraits–
  • Dressing —
    • Real Leather” <—her thoughts on city bags and she’s re-considered seven types of bags that city people should use or have been seen using most often
    • “Hot Pants” <—omg, how do we do these nowadays?  And so she gives us an illustration and a true life example in “Sweet Little Angel
  • Collages–
    have a gander, the overall resultant natural feeling of ‘togetherness’ of such a jumble of visuals and writing speaks volumes of her ability to combine things to a superb effect of discreet styling with purpose.
August 11, 2011

More picks from


Pic 1: A real winning combo with the choice of translucent frames and sheer, minimalistic nude dress.  The black accent on the collar adds a stronger, dramatic side to avoid too much fro-fro with the soft nude fabric and as a special bonus echoes the black of the sunglasses and she has also chosen to emphasise this black accent further by wearing a black underwear – great choice.

Pic 2: So retro, but with the contemporary sunglasses and new, stronger, higher-quality fabric of the flat cap, it most certainly has up-to-date modern refinements.  Otherwise, such a detailed and fittingly knowledgeable take on such a vintage look could make a person look quite poor.  The subtlety and qualities have to be just right.  The waistcoat is also a finer, thinner fabric and the shirt shows underlying yet not frivolous detailing to suggest, correctly, higher sartorial knowledge than one might expect at first glance.

Pic 3: The lady has been shopping about town in New York, and what a tiring task it is too.  But she shows such prestige in her actions – she dresses down but not without thought and deliberation and she makes the most of what essentially is a whole load of flimsy, creased, plain fabric with buttons.  She turns it into something to enjoy wearing.

Pic 4: I have *always* been waiting for shorts like this to come along.  Shorts for people who need space for bottoms to come and go as they please.  Nice posturing to show off her chosen style combo – what a handbag.  Would you believe this was snapped on Prince Street?  Very fitting.

Pic 5: He has animal print for a handkerchief!  Woo-hoo… that really is very unique to be able to pull that off and still look ready for business in a sincere and serious manner.  I have heard the way a man chooses to knot his tie can be very telling… and I suppose it is.  Plus shades… erm, let’s sum this up:

  • animal print handkerchief,
  • sunglasses,
  • very pointy collar,
  • all one colour of blue, and
  • a tie knotted imperfectly for him.

Yes, requires impeccable, implicit and necessary higher-level sartorial knowledge to continue to have business associates and dealings.

August 11, 2011

11th August: my fast choice of close-ups from

Sartorialist-Aug11-1Sartorialist-Aug11-2Sartorialist-Aug11-3Sartorialist-Aug11-4Sartorialist-Aug11-5Sartorialist-Aug11-6Sartorialist-Aug11-7 The Internet accidentally swiped me onto today and there I was, bathing in a few cuts and slices of walking fashion out there.  In particular, these cuts are from Florence and the last one, in black and white, is from Paris.

Pic 1: The detail and accuracy of the blonde in the blue shirt was astounding.  Even from that one slice you can see his style – crazy but true, he has clashed together a very contemporary city-style for the summer, of glasses, bow-tie, shorts and shoes without socks.

Pic 2&3: same guy, but he had so much going on detail-wise that one shot wasn’t enough.  He had truly created a unique look for himself.  The shoes – omg, who can carry them and fit in? – are a bit of a winner, to tell you the truth.  And one of the most dreaded pitfalls of a working city fella?  A rucksack with a tailored jacket… but he’s done it.

Pic 4: I should have covered another close-up of him here, he actually had blue and red boaters on his bare feet, but I decided on his hands.  True hands that have truly met and excelled at crafts or technology over a long period of time.  Good dexterity and eye-hand co-ordination going on here.  Very concise handiwork.

Pic 5: This is the sort of gal that does *not* refuse a good heel or wedge, come what may.  Socks and tights are the answer to pain and fatigue.  And she has done it with aplomb here – hats off and well done.

Pick 6&7: Another chunky type of look, but this time the detail is in the heart.  He actions his details.  You can’t really pinpoint it in his overall look and manner, it really is in what he does.  It is what is ultimately his style that is taking off: the way he puts his hand in his trouser pocket  while carefully folding back the lapel of his jacket, the way he chooses to handle his wallet and money.  Despite what might appear to be quite restricting and even unflappable clothing, he still comes through with succinct movement and ability to show flap-ability of concern.  That is, many might associate herring bone and checks with precision to the point of inhumanity, but not here.

August 11, 2011

Need a page-turner and love fashion faux-pas? Here’s a website to get your teeth into and give yourself a giggle:

Fashion Police dot Net-3 What caught me was one of’s old postings on Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld giving ankle bags a trial run on the catwalks, which apparently had a moment on Chanel’s SS08 show:
I know I’d be no more likely to strap a tiny handbag to my ankle than I’d be to buy a pair of shants

The post was brief, yet to the point and got me clicking on more articles.  I suppose also, they were quick to pick up a detailed point and chose some good photography.  I liked the website because they’ve got linkage throughout the articles and site.

For example, what on earth are shants?  *Click*

Sheer trousers through which other people can view your beautiful lingerie, for those of you who didn’t click.

So, FashionPolice.Net say they are
a light-hearted look at the good, bad and downright ugly side of fashion, by people who love it, but don’t take it too seriously.

Some of my instant favourites out of their listed categories, include:

  • Ugly Prom Dresses
  • Dress of the Day <— made me slurp
  • Fashion Fraud Squad
    (e.g. “Designer vs High Street: Victoria Beckham vs Closet”; and
    ”Spot the Difference: Betsey Johnson vs Bakers”) <—these articles are a bit of a winner for me ^_^
  • Wanted!
    (e.g. “Shoe Porn: Miss KG ‘Minnie’ shoes in red suede and black polka dot” <—delish!;
    ”Wanted! Retro-style swimsuits at Target” <—so needed;
    “Shoe Porn: Rupert Sanderson 140mm patent tri-coloured open toe pumps <—by  heck!; and
    ”Shoe Porn: Zara black pointed toe court shoes” <—*gulp*)
  • Columns & Opinions
    (e.g. “Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10 year old too young to model adult fashion?”;
    ”In Praise of Jeggings. No, really.”;
    ”The Right Way to Wear Leggings”; and
    ”Politics and fashion don’t mix – how Samantha Cameron ruined my favourite dress”) <—omg, giggles
  • Style on Trial <—only read if you have a strong stomach, any style on trial requires strength of digestion and a resilient mind, otherwise you could get sore eyes and a belly ache.
  • Save or Splurge <—great for aiding your financial decisions, perhaps even a great substitute for a bank manager –_<

A definite on my rounds of sporadic perusals.

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