Wanna know more specifics about women’s health? The details, details, details? Here it is on imaginis.com

Detailed enough to have you armed before you enter a doctor’s surgery, hospital or examination clinic for when the healthcare professionals have a report to tell you about your own health. Then *you’ll* be able to understand for yourself instead of passing the responsibility onto someone else. Yet Imaginis.com makes the information accessible through providing background information in a very readable and digestible way.

There are a *few* illustrations and photos, but maybe not enough, depending on how you are with these things. However, the few illustrative choices that they do have are clear enough and of such a quality to allow the reader and researcher to visualize the topics being covered. I mean, gosh, how am I supposed to know what the insides of my breasts look like? And there are different diagrams for different needs.

Also the depth of the articles is beyond basic, it really gives you a feel that you could correspond with your doctor in a substantial patient-doctor relationship. It is *not* dry medical grade student knowledge. It feels in context and dynamic enough for people who have a life and that is how they got sick in the first place.

HOWEVER, there is a *lot* of information on there, I do suggest you use the search resource, whether it’s on their site or Google. To pinpoint what you need may be difficult, but then again it means its got resources you can swim in. Yah.

Just remember to use correct keywords for your search if you are being very specific about your needs, or just care to browse in your free time. Don’t be overwhelmed though. Take a deep breath first.

What Imaginis.com has to say about breast health:

[ quoted from imaginis.com ]

The lymphatic system is an essential part of the immune system, which helps the body fight infections or cancers … Lymph nodes are usually present in clusters in the armpits, on either side of the neck, and in the groin … trap foreign materials … fluid absorbed by the lymphatic system passes through at least one lymph node before it returns to circulation … may become enlarged or swollen when they fight an infection … may feel tender or inflamed … Sometimes become visible as thin red lines known as lymphangitis … may also swell from the formation of an abscess (closed pocket filled with pus) in the nodes or if they contain cancer cells …Whether the lymph nodes contain cancer cells is an important factor when staging breast cancer, determining treatment, and predicting survival. Though breast cancer has the potential to spread to other regions of the body first, it most commonly spreads first to the axillary (underarm) lymph nodes. This is known as regional spread. From there, the breast cancer can metastasize (spread) systematically to other areas of the body (such as the bone, liver, lung, or brain).

Axillary lymph nodes-breast health-imaginis

isan independent,
resource for
information on
women’s health
and wellness.
Our woman’s health
network web site
contains thousands
of pages of detailed,
health information

Included resources
and topics covered :

  • cancers of the

    • breast
    • cervix
    • ovaries
  • breast cancer in men
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • breast health
  • bone health
  • sports and orthopaedic
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • guide for pro-active patient
  • understanding clinical trials
  • medical advisers
  • resource centre

and more…


imaginis-3D reconstructed heart showing coronary arteries in red

3D reconstructed heart
showing coronary arteries in red
| Imaginis.com



imaginis-coronary aniograph

Coronary angiograph
| Imaginis.com



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