Love style, but often bemused and confused? are some of the people responsible for accessing and making further accessible the more enigmatic styles amongst us today.



Taken away by the opening photography on this website: 

This is my suit. And yours? is one street fashion website from Romania, launched in September 2009. The idea is the fashion and the style from the streets of Bucharest and elsewhere, captured by us – a team of 5 people who care for the extremes in street fashion and continuously look for outstanding people with remarkable outfits.

Their work is not featured, not commissioned, not sponsored but they work with brands such as ELLE USA, Puma, Fossil, ASOS USA, Swarovski and more.

That means, I’m guessing, which should  be right, they are considered to have their own flair, their own additions and add-value when it comes to capturing imageries of style.  If you’re part of the crew who worry about being brainwashed by all-encompassing advertising and glossy magazine editorials then these are some of the people behind it all. 

I truly recognise the work and what makes it even more amazing is that they are able to shift their work in certain directions to allow for followers and copy-cats who distribute the work further.  That is, I’m sure Thisismysuit are continuously dynamic when it comes to edging their way forwards.  They take you on for a style ride that is a joy to follow.

Their blogroll is also of an instant breath-taking nature, but actually they’ve turned it into something digestible, something a kinder to a walk in a lovely enigmatic garden.  THx.


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