Got weight issues, got body hang-ups? Run to and DIY.


Sue Kyu presents:


“…many an existing diet method is wrong and ruins healthgood health is indispensable to be beautyEastern medicineincreases the natural healing capacity the body itself originally has. The acupressure diet isusing the acupressure-pointsand a healthy diet method for loosing weight simply and certainly by stimulating the acupressure pointsPlease practice this acupressure diet through this site (, and get healthy and beauty body!

I am tempted to be *sooo* lazy and just tell you to “go there, go there now… click Sue Kyu’s site link and go immediately!”.  But I won’t.  Else I’ll render this blog blurb rather pointless.

And I am disciplined enough to just draw in a deep breath, count to ten, compose myself and head on with my little snippet of a write-up.  *Phew*  yes, indeedy, I’ve got what it takes: a little extra discipline to get me through the unnecessarily, uncalled-for lazy times—my survival skills.

Thus I plough on:
I do feel the site is packed with great, clear instructions to try for yourself at home (and that includes me), hence the heaviness in covering it simply here. 
*Breathe in**Inhale*. 
Here I go.

A few things Ms Kyu covers briefly:
– reverse abdominal breathing
– meal diet plan
– over-eating
plus all the denoted acupressure lines (see column).

What does Ms Kyu have to convey about reverse abdominal breathing?

Well, she mentions it is a basic breathing method of qiqong, which intensifies the activity of the diaphragm, stomach, intestines and lungs.  It is a daily practice and focuses on the extreme contraction of the abdomen.  Read up for the details.

My additional tid-bit: yogic breathing advises full inhale followed by extended and prolonged exhaling.  This is to fully breathe out the stale air that lingers in some people.

Other cosmetic acupressure instructions by Ms Kyo include:

– cosmetics edition for skin
– rough dry skin
– hair loss
– swelling
– bad breath

She also covers ear acupressure points too.

My tid-bits: I’ve gone Western because these “ailments” or “conditions” are actually recognized symptoms associated with more serious illnesses and diseases e.g. hair loss is a significant concern in Western medicine, unless the doctor gives you the all-clear as nothing more than alopecia. 

I’m guessing acupressure is for those who have ingested a poor diet and living a less than full life.  That is, they are not able to consume all that they’ve taken in and there is a back-log or incorrect storage of lesser-quality goods in the body that need to be activated (i.e. not RE-activated, but activated), circulated, digested, assimilated, metabolised and purged.  That is, a form of detox.  Detoxing is complex because it depends on where in the process of digestion, assimilation and metabolising the goods are in.  Even catabolising is an issue. 

As much as there aren’t any side-effects with acupressure, it is always advisable to seek medical diagnosis just in case your ailment *really* is something to be cured rather than healed. 

Yes, I’m pro-hypochondriasis.

Western modern medicine wasn’t created, established, advanced, researched and developed without reasons and needs.


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